How VR Is Helping Revitalize Downtown Duluth

March 22, 2017
Superior Street is one of Duluth, Minnesota’s oldest and most iconic streets, home to family businesses, shops and cafes. Now virtual reality is helping with a long awaited revitalization project thanks to the work of LHB, a local architecture, ...

NVIDIA and Bosch Announce AI Self-Driving Car Computer

March 16, 2017
The world’s largest automotive supplier, Bosch, provided a massive stage today for NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang to showcase our new AI platform for self-driving cars. The post NVIDIA and Bosch Announce AI Self-Driving Car Computer appeared first on The ...

AI Checks Your Head By Listening to What You Said

March 15, 2017
There’s long been talk in medicine about the need for doctors to listen to patients. Now that advice is being taken literally to diagnose concussions and other hard-to-diagnose brain disorders. Whether caused by a blow to the head during a football ...

Bosch Announces AI Self-Driving Computer with NVIDIA

NVIDIA Partners with Bosch for System Based on Next-Generation DRIVE PX Xavier Platform
March 14, 2017
Bosch Connected World - Bosch, the world's largest automotive supplier, today announced it is working with NVIDIA to develop artificial intelligence self-driving systems for mass market cars.

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