Mellanox Capital Invests in Storage Leaders Excelero and WekaIO

Strategic Investment Drives the Storage Ecosystem for Advanced Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Workloads

Mellanox® Capital, , the global investment arm of Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., today announced investments in high performance storage leaders Excelero and WekaIO. Excelero, a leader in high performance distributed block storage, has developed the award-winning NVMesh Software Defined Storage to achieve the highest performance and efficiency for web-scale applications. WekaIO has developed Matrix™, the world's fastest file system, to accelerate application performance scaling for AI and data intensive workloads. Both companies are leaders in their respective block and file storage categories and together with Mellanox data center interconnect solutions enable customers to fully take advantage of the latest generation of high-speed NVMe Flash storage solid state disks.

"Mellanox has long driven higher levels of data center performance and efficiency by optimizing across the entire data center stack," said Nimrod Gindi, senior vice president of mergers and acquisitions and head of investments, Mellanox Technologies. "Faster storage needs faster networks to feed the ever-increasing demand for data, by today's advanced business analytics, AI, and machine learning applications. Strategic partnerships with storage leaders such as Excelero and WekaIO are critical to develop the high-performance storage ecosystem and enable our customers to achieve efficient and scalable data processing and analytics capabilities to drive their businesses forward."

"Excelero is a leader and disruptor in high-performance storage for web-scale infrastructure, databases, technical computing, HPC and machine learning," said Lior Gal, CEO of Excelero. "Mellanox's low-latency networking and leading support for RDMA on both Ethernet and InfiniBand help us deliver the fastest distributed block storage solutions to our customers. We have partnered closely with Mellanox and welcome their investment in Excelero."

"WekaIO's Matrix offers the highest bandwidth and lowest latency file system, optimized for flash and other non-volatile storage media," said Liran Zvibel, CEO of WekaIO. "Deploying Matrix with Mellanox Ethernet or InfiniBand networking delivers the lowest latency storage solution for applications requiring shared access to data; including Deep Learning, Finance, Life Sciences and Electronic Design Automation (EDA). We are excited to have Mellanox Capital invest in our company."

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