March 30, 2016

MapD Lands $10M Investment, Launches Real-time Database

GPU startup MapD is on a roll. The big data analytics company, which won our first $100,000 Early Stage Challenge in 2014, today unveiled its visual analytics software that uses GPUs to crunch large datasets at lightning speeds. The MapD database ...
March 25, 2016

How GPUs Are Helping Map Worldwide Poverty

Eradicating worldwide poverty by 2030 is the top goal on the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda, published late last year. But a lack of data has frustrated efforts to measure progress toward the goal. The post How GPUs Are Helping Map ...
March 22, 2016

How Industry Giants Streamline Their Design Workflows

Automotive designers, visual effects artists and geoscientists do amazing work while pushing the limits of technology. They also work on impossibly tight schedules. We’re about to make their lives a whole lot easier. The massive size and sheer ...
March 21, 2016

NVIDIA DRIVE PX Gets ATTT Award of Excellence

Our NVIDIA PX autonomous car development platform received the Award of Excellence in the Autonomous Driving/AI Division this week at the 7th Automotive Telecommunication Technology Tokyo exhibition. The award is the latest recognition of the key ...
March 21, 2016

Major Leagues Find Secret Weapon in VR Training

If you make a living hurling fastballs, prepare for a rough season. With the help of EON Sports VR, Major League Baseball teams are setting up virtual reality batting cages. They let hitters hone their swings with unprecedented accuracy, without ...

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