October 31, 2016

Intelligent Micro-Machines Swarm Out of Sci-Fi, Into GTCs

Robots that count cattle from the sky. Smart cameras that fly themselves. Plug-and-play, GPU-powered brains that turn drones into robots that are as home in your house as they are in the open skies. This isn’t science-fiction. It’s the robots on ...
October 29, 2016

Halloween Horror: AI Learns How to Terrify Us

Just in time for Halloween, MIT researchers have taught machines how to scare us. The U.S. Capitol drenched in an eerie green slime of toxic waste. The Tower Bridge relocated from London to hell. And the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle — the model ...
October 28, 2016

NVIDIA Opens Design Centers in Israel and Sweden

We opened this month new offices in Tel Aviv, the heart of Israel’s high-tech activities, and in Lund, a 1,000-year-old university town in Sweden’s far south. We’re thrilled to come to two of the world’s great technology cities. We look forward to ...
October 27, 2016

This Powerful Wearable Is a Life-Changer for the Blind

Reading a food label. Navigating a crosswalk. Recognizing a friend. These tasks are easy for most people, but can be difficult for those who are visually impaired. To bring more independence to the lives of people with limited sight, a new wearable ...

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