May 10, 2017

Intensive Care: How AI Could Rejuvenate U.S. Healthcare

It’s no secret that the U.S. healthcare system needs help. What’s more surprising is the role AI can play in fixing it. In a talk at the GPU Technology Conference, Dr. Michael Dahlweid, chief medical officer of digital solutions for GE Healthcare, ...
May 10, 2017

How We Used AI in a Video That Tells the Story of AI

I am AI. With those words, AI revealed itself Wednesday at our GPU Technology Conference as a technology that can not only change the world, but create a soundtrack for its own technology revolution. For thousands of years, of course, storytellers ...
May 10, 2017

Mental Ray for 3ds Max Gets Major Boost

Mental Ray for 3ds Max is available directly from NVIDIA — for free starting this week. It includes all the functionality 3ds Max users rely on, coupled with updated workflows and enhanced material definition language (MDL) support. Plus, it ...
May 10, 2017

NVIDIA and Toyota Collaborate to Accelerate Market Introduction of Autonomous Cars

NVIDIA AI Technology Will Process Massive Volumes of Sensor Data, Enabling Vehicles to Anticipate and Respond to Dynamic Driving Situations
NVIDIA today announced that it is collaborating with Toyota to deliver artificial intelligence hardware and software technologies that will enhance the capabilities of autonomous driving systems planned for market introduction within the next few ...
May 10, 2017

NVIDIA Launches GPU Cloud Platform to Simplify AI Development

NVIDIA GPU Cloud Platform to Combine Deep Learning Software with World's Fastest GPUs
NVIDIA today announced the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC), a cloud-based platform that will give developers convenient access -- via their PC, NVIDIA DGX system or the cloud -- to a comprehensive software suite for harnessing the transformative powers of AI.

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